Lightroom 6 could see an early arrival this summer; what’s on your wish list for the new version?

by Felix Esser

posted Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 3:07 PM EDT

Ever since the first version of Adobe Lightroom was introduced in early 2007, the software had a life-cycle of roughly 1 1/2 years between each release of a major new version. With the current version 5 being just shy of its first anniversary, one can safely assume that within the next half year, version 6 will see its release. As for the exact date, nothing can be said with certainty.

There is, however, reason to speculate that Lightroom 6 might arrive sooner than expected, thanks to an accidental listing for a Lightroom 6 tutorial book on the German Amazon website. The Swedish book with the title, "Lightroom 6 from the beginning" is scheduled for an arrival in August, which would only make sense if the software itself would be released at or prior to that date. In fact, Photo Rumors recently reported that Adobe will have an announcement on June 18th – it is entirely unclear, though, whether this could include a new version of Lightroom.

Another possibility is that the title of the book is a typo, and that it will in fact deal with Lightroom 5. Which makes us wonder why it's only going to be released more than a year after the actual software. In any case, Lightroom 6 is sure to arrive some time in the near future, so it's time to start writing our Lightroom 6 wish list. Is there anything particular that you would like to see in the new version? Such as layer support, for example? Let us know in your comments, and maybe Adobe is listening.

(via SLR Lounge)