Ten Benjamins, one unique camera: Sigma announces dp2 Quattro pricing and availability


posted Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 6:34 PM EDT


Early this spring, Sigma announced development of its most unique camera to date -- and that's saying something, considering that Sigma is already the only company on the market offering cameras with full-color sensors. But the Sigma dp2 Quattro takes things to the next level, with radical styling and a controversial sensor that demolishes the concept of "megapixels".

You'll find the story of the Sigma dp2 Quattro and its one-of-a-kind Foveon X3 Quattro image sensor in our detailed first-impressions review, as well as the second part of our recent two-part interview with company executives. Until now, though, two important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have been conspicuous by their absence: pricing and availability for the camera in the US market.


Now, we can reveal both, and that's big news if you're among those who've been waiting to get your hands on one. (And we're sure many of you are, if only to figure out how to hold its unusually-shaped body!) The Sigma dp2 Quattro will be arriving in the US market early this August, with a street price expected to be in the region of US$1,000.

What say you, Sigma fans? Does that hit the mark, and will you be putting a Sigma dp2 Quattro in your camera bag? Share your thoughts in the comments below!