Looking for the right EF lens for your Canon DSLR? A new microsite guides you through your options.

by Felix Esser

posted Friday, June 27, 2014 at 4:41 PM EDT

Only recently Canon celebrated the milestone of 100 million EF lenses, which it honored by asking its ambassadors to talk about their respective favorite EF lenses and favorite photographs taken with each lens. The party still isn't over it seems, as Canon has just launched a new microsite educating photographers about its lens lineup.

The site, aptly labelled "Canon Camera Lens Types & Details," explores different categories of lenses such as zooms, telephoto lenses, macro lenses etc., and talks about the strengths of each type of lens. Each category page comes with a number of quick tips that give some general advice on how to use each kind of lenses, and the advice is not limited to still photography.

For its STM lenses (featuring a virtually silent, quickly focusing stepping motor,) Canon clearly has videographers in mind and avises on how to use the STM technology in order to rack focus between multiple subjects in the same scene. For macro lenses, Canon explains how to turn tiny bugs into monsters, and for fisheyes there are some useful tips on how to make the best of these lenses' unusual optical properties.

In addition to general information about different types of lenses, the microsite also features educational videos from Canon's "EF 101" series that show some practical examples of how to use each type of lens.

Once visitors have made it through the site and learned about the different kinds of lenses Canon makes, they can head over to the company's "Glass First" microsite that goes more into detail about the individual EF-mount lenses, as well as the differences between lenses made for still photography, video lenses, cine lenses, television lenses etc.

Finally, Canon runs a third microsite called "Bring it," that encourages users of the company's DSLR system to show off their photography and/or HD videography created using EF lenses. Taken together, the three sites are a great place to learn about photographic equipment, find the right lens(es) for your style of photography or videography, and finally share your work and get inspired by that of others.