Samsung Galaxy NX Review: Smartphone + ILC. Is it the connected photographer’s dream camera?


posted Monday, June 30, 2014 at 11:20 AM EDT


The popularity of the smartphone being used as the camera-of-choice for many people continues to skyrocket. As a result, many camera manufacturers are feeling the squeeze as sales decline in favor of these multi-purpose, pocketable devices. Camera companies have started adding Wi-Fi and NFC features to their cameras to help bridge the gap between dedicated cameras and smartphones. The aim is to make it quicker and easier for photographers to transfer their work from their more advanced camera onto their social network of choice.

We've just published our Samsung Galaxy NX review, and this is the first camera to truly combine a full-on smart device with an interchangeable lens camera. Rather than continuing the tactic of interconnecting the camera and your smartphone using Wi-Fi, NFC or other means, the Galaxy NX morphs these two devices into one. 

While the Galaxy NX is certainly an ambitious device -- and praise should go to Samsung for even attempting such a camera -- the convergence of the smartphone and camera in this case, makes for a bit of an awkward affair. Great image quality, a bright 4.8" HD LCD screen and full Android OS (with all your favorite apps) may sound like great like great specs for a high-end smartphone, but when it comes to using the Galaxy NX as a dedicated camera, the inconsistent UI, lack of external controls and all-around laggy performance might be frustrating to people used to a more traditional camera.

Is this interesting convergence of ILC and smartphone the dream camera for the 'connected photographer?' Read our full Samsung Galaxy NX review, including Tim Barribeau's detailed Shooter's Report and our final IR conclusion to find out!