Olympus UK introduces the PEN E-PL6, a slightly refreshed E-PL5

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 6:39 PM EDT

Back in May of 2013, Olympus introduced the PEN E-PL6 to the Japanese market, now over a year later the camera hits the UK. While the camera is still basically the same -- and almost identical to its predecessor, the PEN E-PL5, at that -- there are in fact some slight changes that make it worthwhile not so much for upgraders, but for those looking for an entry into the Micro Four Thirds system.

On the technical side, the most noteworthy new function of the new E-PL6 is the interval timer which allows the shooting of time lapse or stop motion photographs. The camera also sports a built-in time lapse movie function, which stitches the interval photographs together and exports them as a 720p AVI movie.

The shooting experience is further enhanced by a Short Release Time Lag Mode that cuts prefocused shutter lag to just 0.044 seconds -- ideal for fast paced action. Other new features include size-adjustable autofocus boxes, an extended "Low" ISO setting of 100, as well as a dual axis level gauge. The latter three features are all known from the OM-D E-M5, which either sported them from the start or gained them with the last firmware upgrade.

Another notable change in the E-PL6 kit is the new 14-42mm pancake zoom lens, which replaces the older collapsible lens. In the UK, the E-PL6 kit will be available -- in either black or white -- for £429.99 (~ US$740) from mid-July. The camera ships with a Toshiba FlashAir SD card, which makes up for the lack of a built-in WiFi module.

At this point, we doubt that the E-PL6 will ever make it to the US, considering its technology is already more than two years old. Those who have been wanting to upgrade their E-PL5 or E-PL3 cameras better hold out a little longer, as it is likely that Olympus will introduce a new PEN Lite model some time soon.

(via dpreview)