Nikon D4S Shooter’s Report II: The flagship DSLR is back in its element, shooting sports of all sorts


posted Friday, July 11, 2014 at 1:49 PM EST


When we kicked off our Nikon D4S review recently, we looked at this flagship professional DSLR from the point of view of a well-to-do enthusiast, who might be looking to upgrade to the newest and greatest in search of a more responsive, pro-grade experience. Now, Imaging Resource reviewer Eamon Hickey is back with Part II of his Nikon D4S Shooter's Report, and he's taken the mighty shooter back into its element.

Where the first part of the Shooter's Report saw Eamon shooting relatively static subjects -- landscapes, predominantly -- for the second part it's all action and event photography. The D4S goes back to its natural environment shooting a variety of different sports, and Eamon also replicates the experience of shooting a wedding reception at a somewhat-similar event. (Except, that is, for a greater predominance of Nobel laureates than the typical wedding!)


And how did the Nikon D4S take to these more challenging subjects? Find out now in Part II of our Nikon D4S Shooter's Report, and check in the gallery for an expanded selection of photos including both raws and out-of-camera JPEGs. And if you've not already seen Eamon's first thoughts on the camera, take a look at Part I of the Shooter's Report, as well!)