Nikon D4S Review: Can the heir apparent dethrone the D4?


posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 10:37 PM EST


Given its heritage and flagship status, it was clear coming into our Nikon D4S review that the question we'd be looking to answer wasn't so much whether this was a great camera, as how great it might be. From our time with the earlier Nikon D4 -- and our experience of Nikon's professional cameras to date -- we were fully expecting to enjoy shooting with the D4S, and we certainly did.

Seasoned IR camera reviewer Eamon Hickey -- whose third and final Shooter's Report from New York is now live -- clearly agreed. Reading his reports, it's obvious that he had a great time shooting with this pro-grade DSLR, especially when unleashed on some fast-paced action. And in Eamon's hands, the D4S turned in some excellent results, as you'll see in the gallery. (Our personal favorite: the shot below from the Pro Division of the Kenny Graham West Fourth Street Classic, which made us feel we were in the middle of the action ourselves!)


But Eamon didn't just focus on sports, even if performance is clearly this camera's forte. He tried everything from landscapes and street photos to event photography before rendering his verdict on Nikon's latest and greatest -- and we've taken it all into account in the conclusion to our Nikon D4S review. (And we were sure to look at this impressive camera from both perspectives: the photographer trading up to a pro camera for the first time, and the Nikon D4 owner mulling an upgrade to the new flagship.

So what was our verdict, and can Nikon's heir apparent unseat the D4 from its throne? Read our in-depth Nikon D4S review, and find out!