Samsung created a roving robot to carry the Galaxy NX smart camera around Europe

by Felix Esser

posted Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 3:49 PM EDT


The Samsung Galaxy NX is a strange breed of a camera, half mirrorless NX camera, half Android device. It comes with a viewfinder, humongous rear screen and quirky interface with as good as no physical buttons. It takes images just as gorgeous as any NX series camera, but it's an entirely different user experience.

To be frank, we don't really know quite what it is. Which is probably what most customers feel about the camera, as it's not exactly selling in droves (it currently ranks #7,573 in Amazon's Camera & Photo category.) So Samsung decided that the Galaxy NX needed a bit of attention from customers. And what better theme than something galactic, fitting the camera's name?

Teaming up with Getty Images, what Samsung did was to create a roving robot, not unlike NASA's Mars rover, outfit it with a Galaxy NX camera and let users control the thing in real-time via the internet highlighting the networked capabilities of the camera. By sending it to various locations around Europe and letting everyone take a snap -- comfortably from their couch or desk -- Samsung promoted not only the idea of the connected camera, but also the Galaxy NX itself.

Over on Samsung's dedicated NX Rover website, there's a gallery with a collection of photos that were taken so far. There's also a promotional page for the Galaxy NX, which educates you on why it is such a great camera, as well as a series of tutorial videos showing professional photographers in action with the camera. Unfortunately, the rover's mission is already completed, so you can't join in on the fun anymore.

Below, you can watch Samsung's promotional video for the NX Rover. We have to admit, the whole thing reminds us a bit of Johnny 5...

(via Android Authority)