With split-bodied EXILIM EX-FR10, Casio’s freestyle camera line learns new tricks


posted Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 11:56 AM EST


We've seen some fairly unusual digital camera form factors over the years, but Casio's EXILIM TR series -- which launched back in 2011 with the Casio TRYX -- has to rank as one of the most unusual of the bunch. The company may just have topped the TRYX, though, with the announcement of the Casio EXILIM EX-FR10.

This unusual 14-megapixel camera consists of separate, dockable lens and display modules that can be used to provide a remote viewfinder image, shoot with lens and monitor pointing in the same direction for selfies, or fold the camera to provide a more conventional shooting experience.


A clever design touch is that the bracket used to attach lens and display together also allows it to be attached to a variety of accessories. These include an included tripod mount that doubles as a camera stand, an optional multi-angle clip, and an optional multi-angle belt set. The Casio EX-FR10 also comes with a neck strap that can be attached to the combined unit or lens module alone, and a carabiner strap that lets you clip the camera to a belt loop.

The lens and display units communicate with each other via Bluetooth, and they're both ruggedized, able to withstand dust, splashes, and drops from up to two meters. The choice of lens likely helps in this respect, with a fixed 21mm-equivalent focal length and fixed f/2.8 aperture reducing the number of moving parts.


Pricing and availability haven't been disclosed, but Casio's cameras haven't been sold officially on the US market for a few years, so it's unlikely you'll see this one stateside except as a parallel import.

(via Photography Blog)