Let’s go places: travel the world with these Vimeo Staff Pick videos

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 11:57 AM EDT

Let's go places! And as we mentioned in a recent article, what better way to travel the world than from the comfort of your home? The staff of Vimeo has been busy hand-picking some of the most awesome videos uploaded to their servers, and thanks to their efforts we can now enjoy some great videography from around the world.

Let's start with this rather unique stroll through Hong Kong, which takes place entirely from an elevated perspective. Created by UK filmmaker Billy Boyd Cape during a summer visit to the Chinese Special Administrative Region. Shot entirely with a Nikon D600, the video shows us the city, its streets and skyscrapers, its traffic and its inhabitants mostly from a bird's-eye-view. Even if you've seen Hong Kong before, this will probably be a new experience for you.

The next video shows us how far technology has evolved, and that you don't always need a big camera -- it's been captured entirely with an iPhone 5S. But more than that, the entire video was shot at 120 fps, so what we get to see is some incredibly smooth slow-motion footage of the bustling city life throughout East and South East Asia. Taken during a month-long vacation, the video shows scenes from various Asian cities including Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore and Hanoi.

Finally, here's a night-time trip through Tokyo, Japan that is probably unlike anything you've seen before. By making use of some clever image manipulation techniques, its director Hiroshi Kondo creates a trippy, kaleidoscopic ride through Japan's capital that could be a scene of a science fiction movie, or straight out of someone's LSD trip. Either way, it's a refreshing -- if at times somewhat confusing -- new look at the city that is a favorite with so many photographers and videographers.

(via Vimeo Staff Picks)