Canon 7D Mk II “may be the best weather-sealed camera” according to Roger Cicala

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 5:34 PM EST

Roger Cicala has done it again. Another innocent camera has fallen victim to this madman's camera dissection craziness. But it was for a good cause -- namely to see whether Canon's claim that the 7D Mark II's weather sealing was "4 times better" than on the original 7D would hold up to scrutiny. And hold up it did indeed.

In a recent blog post over at, Cicala takes us on a tour through the crammed-jammed innards of Canon's new APS-C flagship camera. Though Cicala's disassembly of the Canon 7D Mk II might seem somewhat sadistic to diehard fans of the brand, it reveals some interesting facts about the camera's design and construction.

For one, the 7D Mk II has many more and much thicker rubber gaskets around key body parts as compared to its predecessor, corroborating Canon's claim of superior water and dust resistance. The body parts in question include the viewfinder, the tripod mount, the camera's knobs, buttons and dials, the flaps that cover the camera's I/O ports, and the outer body's individual parts.

Image courtesy of LensRentals

On top of all that, Cicala detailed a number of significant improvements in the 7D Mk II's build that won't matter so much for the user in terms of day-to-day usage, but simply make the camera more durable. So overall, the verdict is that the 7D Mk II is, in fact, a huge improvement over its predecessor not only in terms of photographic usability, but also build quality. Which should be nice to know for everyone who already ordered a 7D Mk II, or are contemplating doing so.

You can read Roger Cicala's full blog post over at the LensRentals website. Our ongoing review of the Canon 7D Mk II can be found here.