From Above: A look into the life of NASA photographer Don Pettit

by Gannon Burgett

posted Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 2:31 PM EST


NASA photographer Don Pettit has captured gigabytes upon gigabytes of photographs that are literally out of this world. In orbit around the Earth aboard the International Space Station, he’s quickly become one of the most prominent resources of space exploration photography.

Here to share his experiences and explain what it is that keeps him pursuing his incredible work is Pettit himself, in a short film from SmugMug.

Throughout the video, he shares a number of stories from his time as an astronaut. From feeling ‘in the clouds’ when he first heard he would an astronaut to the time he slowed down communication for three days with images from a 30-minute shoot, the video takes an inside look at the life of a NASA photographer.


In addition to creating the four minute video, SmugMug interview Pettit, further diving into the details of his photography and explorations. You can check out the interview in its entirety, here.

(via ISO 1200)