Olympus patents show noise and motion reduction through multiple exposures

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, January 2, 2015 at 11:39 AM EDT


Olympus isn’t hiding much in terms of the technology it’s planning on using in future cameras.

Already, a patent for the sensor shift function has been discovered. Today, two more patents have been uncovered that highlight how Olympus is planning to use multiple exposures in conjunction with the sensor shift to both reduce noise and motion in images.

a visualization of the noise reduction process of Patent No. 2014–230121

The first of these is Patent No. 2014–230121. In the filing, Olympus explains a subtractive method of multiple exposures to create a less noisy image. This is far from a new practice, but seeing an official Olympus filing lends credit towards this being an in-camera process sooner than later.

a visualization of multiple exposures and sensor shift being used to compensate for motion in Patent No. 2014–239299

The second patent is Patent No. 2014–239299. In it, Olympus details the same subtractive method of multiple exposures, but this time it’s to remove blur from images. In addition to multiple exposures this patent also details how the aforementioned sensor shift technology will be used in conjunction with multiple exposures to reduce unwanted motion.

There’s no definitive timeline for when we’ll be seeing these patents at work in the wild, but for the sake of putting these patents to the test, hopefully it’s not too far off.

(via 4/3 Rumors)