Jasmine Star shares 3 tips and tricks for shooting bridal portraits

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:35 PM EST


Opinions and controversy aside, there’s little doubt Jasmine Star is one of the most talented and experienced wedding photographers on the market. In a video she recently shared on her YouTube channel, she dives into three tips for posing a subject during the bridal portraits – an important series of photos in any wedding.

Star begins the two and a half minute video by explaining how to make the most of your time when capturing capturing the images. She starts off by explaining why it’s beneficial to shoot three variations of each pose: full-body, waist-up and chest-up. This, in addition to having the bride make small adjustments between each shot, will give you a larger, more diverse portfolio of images to choose from in a small amount of time.

Star then dives into the second tip – let the bride relax. Wedding days are as stressful as it gets for many brides, so being able to keep her in the moment and not letting her get distracted is a vital component to capturing the best images possible.

Her last tip is to give feedback. By letting the subject know they’re doing things right and looking good, you’re not only helping them feel in the moment through communication, but also instilling confidence when they’re in front of the camera.

The video is aimed at wedding photographer, but anyone who captures portraits can walk away with some extra knowledge. For more videos by Jasmine Star, you can head over to her YouTube Channel.