CineRent is the world’s first online peer-to-peer rental service for film and photo gear

by Gannon Burgett

posted Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 3:13 PM EDT


When renting gear, there are two sides to the equation. There is the party renting out the equipment and there is the party is is receiving the gear. Usually, the party renting out the gear is a large entity like LensRentals or BorrowLenses. And while it’s nice to know there’s a trusted, reliable company capable of renting gear from, there are times when they don’t have the equipment you need, it’s rented out or it’s too costly to justify renting.

The solution to this problem is crowdsourcing. At least in the eyes of CineRent, a new online service looking to democratize the rental process. Rather than relying on large companies rent out photography gear, CineRent helps individuals both loan out and rent gear from one another.

By turning to fellow photographers and videographers for gear, both parties benefit: prices are lower, those renting out the gear can make some income with equipment they aren’t using and the amount of gear is far more diverse than what many warehouse rental companies offer.

The process is simple for both parties. After making an account, those looking to loan out gear choose from CineRent’s product database what gear they’re looking to rent out. After selecting the appropriate gear, you set your own price and put up your offers on the service.

In addition, sellers can also create dedicated ‘kits’ where a collection of gear can be rented, rather than doing it on an a la carte basis. DIY projects and gear can also be rented out, so if you have a strange contraption you think people would be interested in trying, you can toss that up for rental also.

For those renting, you simply search for the gear you want to rent and you will be presented with others in your area who are renting out that specific gear. Based on price, distance and rental time, you can choose what loaner is right for you.

CineRent is working hand-in-hand with a collection of insurance companies to ensure both sides are protected in the event gear gets damaged. Because as much as we’d all enjoy a world where camera bodies don’t get dropped and lenses don’t get bashed around, accidents happen.


To take a closer look at CineRent and the service they provide, you can head on over to their website and sign up.