Amazon announces two new unlimited storage plans, including limitless photos for $12/year

by Gannon Burgett

posted Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 12:30 PM EDT


Amazon has announced two new unlimited storage plans, taking on the likes of Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and Apple.

The first plan, called ‘Unlimited Everything,’ lets you store unlimited files of any type to Amazon’s cloud platform for only $60 a year. The second plan, called ‘Unlimited Photos,’ is a photographer-specific option that lets you store unlimited images for only $12 a year.

As for image file types allowed in the Unlimited Photos plan, Adobe supports JPEGs in addition to most RAW files, including Nikon’s NEF, Canon’s CR2, Sony’s ARW and Adobe’s more universal DNG. If for some reason your RAW image format isn’t recognized as an image within Amazon’s service, Amazon says it’s still able to be stored and downloaded.

What separates Amazon’s Unlimited Everything and Unlimited Photos plans from the aforementioned cloud services is the amount of space they’re offering and how affordable it now is. While Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and Apple all offer 1TB options, none of them come in even close to Amazon’s price, costing $99, $100, $84 and $200 per year, respectively.

It’s worth noting that the new Unlimited Photos plan only costs the $12/year for people who aren’t a part of Amazon Prime’s subscription. For Prime subscribers, Amazon has offered unlimited storage since last November.

If you aren’t sure about the new services, don’t worry. Amazon is offering a free 3-month trial before you have to commit to a storage plan.

You can find out more about these plans and sign up for your share of the unlimited pie on Amazon’s dedicated Cloud Drive page.