Meet the TLC 200 Pro, ‘the world’s first HDR timelapse camera’

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 5:22 PM EDT


BrinnoUSA has unleashed on the world the TLC 200 Pro Time-Lapse Camera. As its name suggests, the device is a dedicated time-lapse camera with ‘instant technology,’ capable of outputting an HDR time-lapse at 720p in video format, rather than a bunch of still images you’d have to edit together in post-production.

The TLC 200 Pro comes in at 60g (2.12 oz) is sealed within a weather-proof case and features a 112˚ field of view, an f/2 aspherical lens and an LCD screen for playing back the captured video. In addition to being able to view the footage from the device, you can also upload video directly to your smartphone from the camera.

In addition to fully customizable settings, the TLC 200 Pro comes with four presets for capturing time-lapses: Daylight, Twilight, Night and Moon. You can also adjust the exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and white balance. The custom interval settings will let you capture as few as one shot every 24 hours.

BrinnoUSA says the battery life is dependent on the interval settings, but ‘in certain settings,’ it’s capable of running up to seven days straight on the four AA batteries it takes to power the TLC 200 Pro. For complete battery life details, you can find them in the ‘Battery Life’ tab of BrinnoUSA’s product page.

The TLC 200 Pro comes as a package, which includes the camera, a 4GB SD card, 4 AA batteries, a kit lens, a lens cover, a screwdriver and the user manual — everything you need to get started out of the box. They sell for $229.99 on Amazon.