AGUA, a storm-proof camera bag series from Miggo

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, May 29, 2015 at 2:45 PM EST

There are a handful of ways to keep your camera dry in less than ideal circumstances. But few are as robust and portable as AGUA, a new series of camera bag from accessory manufacturer, Miggo.

It’s a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what AGUA is; it can be a handheld bag, a should bag and even a sling bag. But if you look past the categorization semantics, AGUA is a camera bag designed to keep your camera safe and dry in even the biggest of downpours.

AGUA meets the strict IPX3 water-resistance standard, ensuring it is safe from water spraying up to 60º from vertical at 10 liters per minute for 5 minutes at a pressure of 80–100kN/m2. Simplified, this level of protection is enough to protect your gear from rain and water short from actual submersion for an extended period of time.

Thanks to Miggo, we don’t just have to take their word for it, though. Miggo was kind enough to send a sample bag our way for testing. Since Mother Nature wasn’t kind enough to provide a downpour, I decided to put the AGUA through a rigorous indoor stress test myself.

With my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 16–35mm f/2.8 attached (no lens hood), the AGUA 45 (largest size available) held up under my shower head for as long as I was willing to hold it under there (roughly 5 minutes). Despite turning it constantly to ensure water went across every seam and crease, not a bit of the internals of the bag were damp.

I’ve shot in everything short of a monsoon and none come even close to the amount of water the AGUA did under my shower head. If that doesn’t instill a little confidence in its capabilities, I’m not sure what will.

Additional features of the AGUA camera bag series include fail-safe buckles, an adjustable strap, a lens cap pocket and an overall design that’s focused on getting your camera out and in your bag as quickly and safely as possible.

AGUA comes in three different sizes to suit the need of all different camera formats. The AGUA 25 is designed to hold mirrorless and Superzoom compact cameras. The AGUA 35 is capable of holding smaller DSLRs with medium focal length lens and larger mirrorless cameras. The AGUA 45 is Miggo’s largest offering, capable of holding large DSLRs and almost any lens shy of a 70–200mm.

AGUA is currently on Kickstarter, where it’s already doubled its original $20,000 goal in only two days. Early birds have already grabbed all the specials, but you can secure your AGUA 25, 35 or 45 for $55, $60, $65, respectively. Larger pledges offer larger rewards, which include everything from a custom bag with your name on it to a bulk-pack of all three models.

Head over to AGUA’s Kickstarter for more information and to secure your pledge.