posted Monday, June 22, 2015 at 12:30 PM EDT


Earlier this year, the Nikon D7200 DSLR arrived on the scene, refreshing the company's enthusiast-grade DSLR with a deeper buffer, uprated autofocus and in-camera Wi-Fi. It's been through our lab, and now preparations for our first Nikon D7200 Shooter's Report are underway!

For our first real-world gallery with the camera, I took the D7200 on an impromptu road-trip to Lexington, Kentucky, seeking both new subjects and a slight respite from the unbelievable heat in my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. (We've been well into the 90s for the last few days, and could top 100°F later this week. For those of you who prefer celsius, that's a blistering 38°C!)

Seeking cooler temperatures, I headed to a Shaker village just outside of Lexington, Kentucky over the weekend. And to be sure of some great shots, I brought the Nikon D7200 along for the ride!

I spent all day Sunday shooting with the Nikon D7200 as I roamed around the picturesque Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, just a little outside Lexington. And it was definitely a case of old meets new, as Nikon's rejuvenated DSLR captured scenes of an antique show on the grounds of this 200+-year old community. Then for good measure, my family and I boarded the smallest paddlewheel vessel I've ever seen, the 115-seat Dixie Belle, for a 90-minute trip down the Kentucky River.

An antique show at the Shaker village offered up many interesting and colorful subjects, such as this beaded bracelet.

It was quite a day, and in all I came home having shot around 400 frames, the overwhelming majority of them bracketed and in both raw and JPEG formats, which certainly gave me ample opportunity to appreciate the D7200's now much more generous buffer. Want to see how the D7200 handles the real world? I've selected 22 of my favorite shots from the day, and you can view them all now in both raw and JPEG formats in our newly-published Nikon D7200 gallery.

As temperatures climbed, my family and I hit the river on a vintage paddleboat...

...and we weren't alone in seeking respite from the heat down by the water!

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