Sony RX100 IV - 1,000 fps for less than $1,000; see it to believe it


posted Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 1:01 PM EST

Shaking dogs, shaky golf swings, falling objects, hosed executives and exploding fruit: Some days, working at IR is really a blast, in this case literally!

We just got our hands on a production sample of the powerful new Sony RX100 IV, and all productivity at IRHQ immediately ground to a halt, with all hands on deck playing with its amazing High Frame Rate (super slow-motion) video mode. Able to capture HD videos up to 40x slower than real-time, at a maximum frame rate of 960 fps (1,000 fps in PAL mode), the RX100 IV can capture things that happen in an instant, and give you a totally new view of the world around you. All it took was a quick clip of office-dog Woolly shaking off after getting soaked, and we were hooked. All pretense of work went out the window, this was too much fun!

Check out a quick preview from the video below, and then headover to our Sony RX100 IV Review page to see the video montage in all its glory, along with a little explanation (more to come in a bit) on the ins and outs of how the RX100 IV's super slow-mo feature works!

Click here for the full video!

If you were already thinking about picking up one these bad boys, the super slow-mo capabilities of its High Frame Rate mode should put you over the top! For others, the crazy slow-mo will do the trick all on its own. For pre-order information, check out one of our trusted affiliate retailers below! (If you want one before Fall, you'd better get in line quick; after our experience playing with the Sony RX100 IV yesterday and today, we think they're going to sell out fast!)