Japan Camera Hunter and CameraFilmPhoto team up for clever Rollei film bundles

by Gannon Burgett

posted Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 9:17 AM EST


Film stocks are thinning out with each new month, but analogue photography is far from dead, an idea echoed in Jonathan Canlas’Film Is Not Dead’ movement. One of the largest online proponents of film photography is Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter, who recently shared an absolutely brilliant project collaboration with Vishal at CameraFilmPhoto as a way to get even more film in the hands of as many people as possible.

What Japan Camera Hunter and CameraFilmPhoto have done is created a massive shop of film packs, which cleverly package rolls of 35mm film into plastic containers, each of which are matched and branded for their respective film types. The film stocks are mostly made up of Rollei films, but Bergger’s BRF400 Plus makes an appearance as well.

If you follow Japan Camera Hunter, these cases will look slightly familiar. That’s because they’re almost identical, if not identical to the film cases Japan Camera Hunter has long sold as a means to efficiently and safely carry your film around.

Below are a list of the film stocks included. In parenthesis are the number of rolls and cost of each package, which can be purchased alongside other bundles at CameraFilmPhoto’s online shop.

  • Rollei RPX25 135–36 B&W negative film ($43.00, 5 rolls)
  • Rollei RPX100 135–36 B&W negative film ($32.50, 5 rolls)
  • Rollei RPX400 135–36 B&W negative film ($32.50, 5 rolls)
  • Rollei Infrared 400 135–36 B&W negative film ($42.00, 5 rolls)
  • Rollei CR200 135–36 Colour Reversal Film ($42.50, 5 rolls)
  • Bergger BRF400 Plus x ($39.50, 5 rolls)
  • Best of Rollei 135–36 Bundle ($69.00, 10 rolls)

An introductory offer is currently going on, so you will automatically get 10% off all film bundles through July 13th.