Weather-sealed Panasonic FZ300 boasts constant-aperture megazoom, better autofocus and 4K


posted Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 12:30 AM EDT


Back in 2012, Panasonic set sports and wildlife photographers' pulses racing with the Lumix FZ200, a camera that paired a powerful 24x optical zoom range with a spectacularly bright f/2.8 constant aperture. Now, it returns with the Panasonic FZ300, a camera which takes the best of its Dave's Pick-winning predecessor, and adds some must-have features like faster autofocus, weather-sealing, Wi-Fi, 4K video and stills, and a whole lot more. In the process, the company resolves the majority of our criticisms of its predecessor.

As well as the lens, the 12-megapixel Panasonic FZ300 looks to sport the same image sensor as its predecessor, but it's now paired to a current-generation Venus Engine image processor for greater performance -- six frames per second with autofocus, or 12 fps with focus locked -- and a wider base sensitivity range. Its body is just a little larger and heavier, but there's a very good reason -- even more external controls than before, along with comprehensive splash and dust-proofing. There's also a brighter, higher-res LCD monitor complete with touch-screen and a new Organic LED electronic viewfinder that yields a much larger, sharper image than before.


And that's far from all. We've already mentioned that autofocus has been improved, both in terms of performance and low-light sensitivity. There's also a new hybrid five-axis image stabilization system, and the fastest 1/4,000-second shutter speed is available at much wider apertures. And as we've said, there's now 4K video and 4K Photo capture functionality. This latter is also set to get a very unusual ability to let you choose the point of focus post-capture by rattling off a fast burst of images while adjusting focus across the burst.


Available from mid-October 2015, the Panasonic FZ300 is priced at around US$600, and available only in a traditional black color scheme. You'll find much more info on all of the above and other new features of the new model in our just-published, hands-on Panasonic FZ300 preview. Hop on over now, and find out if it's time you added a new megazoom to your camera bag!


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