500px updates its iOS app, focuses on simplicity, sharing, and social

by Gannon Burgett

posted Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 9:58 AM EST

500px, the online photo-sharing site that has grown to 6 million users since its inception in 2010 and recently amassed $13 million in funding, has released a massive update to its iOS application.

The update features an entirely new design that targets more mainstream users, specifically those familiar with the interface of Instagram.

Unlike 500px’s previous mobile app, which was designed more around the idea of being an online gallery where browsing was the default action and commenting/favoriting images were an afterthought, 500px’s new app puts the social aspect of photo-sharing at the forefront while serving up images to users in a timeline feed a la Instagram.

In fact, without a little branding and minor icon changes here and there, you’d likely think this was an Instagram app update. The interface itself is identical to Instagram in almost every regard.

500px has turned away from the dark side, shedding the black theme for a cleaner, white aesthetic that resembles what Instagram has looked like since its release. You’ll also note the navigation is identical in every regard to Instagram with the bottom-tabbed interface and the placement of the particular views within the app.

For exploring new content, you can use 500px’s Discover section, which lets you browse through categories and search your way through users and tags. 500px throws a curveball in there for finding new content by also displaying recommended content in your feed, even if you’re not following the user.

The 4.0 update to 500px also includes a more streamlined search engine, quicker uploading from mobile devices and revamped user profiles. 500px says a new web interface will be coming out within the next few weeks, likely to bring along many of the design elements from its new app update.

You can download the 500px iOS app in the iTunes App Store for free. If you already have the app downloaded, an update should be available within the App Store.