Turn your RX100 IV into a psuedo-Hasselblad rebrand today for only $100

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, August 31, 2015 at 2:49 PM EDT

So, you like the look of Hasselblad Sony rebrands, but don’t care to shell out the absurd amount of money they’re asking? Well, you might just be in luck, because French company Lexigeant has announced a special setup for Sony’s RX100 III & IV that gives you the wooden handle and a custom leather wrap-around for what can only be considered a steal when compared to Hasselblad’s rebrands.

The creator of the case says the goal was to ‘give a retro style to the camera, a good looking, comfortable grip and [way] protect the screen.’

The wood grip can be ordered in two woods, Plumtree (dark) and Holm Oak (light). The leather is also available in two options, black goatskin and brown calfskin. As the product video below points out, you’ll also receive a sticker to wrap the camera in, which comes in either brushed metal or silver.

The grips and bottom leather components are attached with a 3M adhesive, while the leather covers attach to the skin via snap buttons.

There are a total of 16 different combination options. Each component is hand-made in France, so no two components are exactly alike.

Below are a few photos showing the Plumtree and brown calfskin leather variety in action:


You can pick up a wood grip for 95,00€ (~US$105) and the entire setup for 167.30€ (~US$170) on Lecigeant’s store.

(via SonyAlpha Rumors)