Fujifilm unveils weather-resistant 35mm f/2 lens, 1.4x teleconverter for its growing X-mount lineup

by Gannon Burgett

posted Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

Fujifilm has unveiled two new optics for its growing collection of X-mount cameras, a 35mm f/2 lens and 1.4x teleconverter.

Weather-resistant 35mm f/2

The Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR is a weather- and dust-resistant aspherical lens that offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 53mm. It’s constructed of nine elements in six groups, including two Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements, and offers a nine-blade aperture diaphragm for smooth bokeh when shot wide open.

The XF 35mm f/2 R WR is said to be the smallest (in diameter) of any XF-series lens from Fujinon and weighs only 170g (~6oz). Despite its small size, Fujifilm claims it packs a punch with a minimum focus time of only 0.08 seconds.

The Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2.0mm lens is set to go on sale in November 2015 for US$399 (£299.00).

1.4x Teleconverter

Announced alongside the new Fujinon lens the Fujinon XF 1.4x TC WR teleconverter.

Comprised of seven elements in three groups, the lens takes away one additional stop of light, but offers up a 1.4x magnification.

Unfortunately, there’s only one current lens the teleconverter is comparable with, the Fujinon XF 50–140mm f/2.8 zoom lens. Fujifilm says future lenses will be compatible with the teleconverter, including the Fujinon XF 100–400mm super telephoto lens shown off at CP+ this year.

The Fujinon XF 1.4x TC WR teleconverter will go on sale in December for US$449 (£329.00).