We’re moving our lens reviews to Imaging Resource!


posted Friday, January 15, 2016 at 1:11 PM EST

If you're a longtime Imaging Resource reader, you're probably familiar with the separation between our lens and user reviews, which appear on SLR Gear, and the rest of our content on Imaging Resource. Today we've started serving all of our 500+ lens reviews on Imaging Resource!

A cleaner, brighter design

You'll notice a layout that fits with the Imaging Resource you know and a brighter design that makes reading our lens reviews easier on the eyes.

...that makes it clear when users recommend a lens

Our user review styling makes it much more clear what a user thought of the lens and whether or not they'd recommend it. Previously the score and recommendation were off to the side of the review in tiny font. No more!

Current pricing and easy purchase links

If you're shopping for a new lens, the price of the lens is important information! SLR Gear displayed the average price paid by users, but this number reflected the price months or years ago. And if you actually wanted to purchase the lens from a link on SLR Gear, your only option was to 'check availability on Adorama.'

We now provide up-to-date pricing and easy purchase links to Adorama, Amazon and B&H Photo for 120 lenses, and will expand this number in the coming weeks! (Purchase the lens from the B&H link and you'll be entered to win a $500 gift certificate!)

The best is yet to come

Maybe you've wondered why SLR Gear seemed stuck in time with no improvements in years... We've wanted to improve SLR Gear for a long time, but the system that hosts SLR Gear makes changes extremely difficult (and risky!). As happy as we are with transition now, we're even more excited for the rapid pace of improvement this new system will enable.

Look for mobile-friendly lab test results, improved user review authoring, better filtering of lenses by features and more in the coming months!

Check it out for yourself

Want to see the difference yourself? You can compare the SLR Gear review for the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II here, and the new Imaging Resource page for this lens here.

A work in progress

For now, not all of SLR Gear has been transitioned over. The first item on our to-do list? Moving user review editing and creation to Imaging Resource. For now you'll need to do that on SLR Gear (using the links found in Imaging Resource lens reviews).

Since lens reviews on Imaging Resource are in active development, we're especially keen to hear your ideas! Please leave feedback in the comments!