posted Friday, March 3, 2017 at 6:12 PM EST


Our Fuji GFX is back Stateside and, as expected, we wasted no time getting this new medium format camera into our lab. We now have our classic First Shots series of laboratory test images ready for pixel-peeping as well as comparing in our Comparometer. We've also put together a few 1:1 crop comparisons, pitting the new GFX against some of its biggest competitors. To read more, please click here!

As you may already know, we recently posted a handful of real-world gallery images shot straight from Yokohama, Japan, as well as took a closer look at the camera's image quality based on this gallery shots. But now, we've been able to get the camera under controlled settings and photograph with it throughout its full range of ISO sensitivities, from expanded ISO 50 all the way to a whopping 102,400. As always, we have both straight-out-of-camera JPEGs and their corresponding RAW files (in uncompressed format) for your assessment, at both default noise reduction processing level and the lowest possible setting (files ending in "NR1" in this case).

Fuji GFX vs. Pentax 645Z

ISO 100: Fuji GFX (left) vs. Pentax 645Z (right)

For more crop comparisons showcasing the resolving power and image quality of the GFX versus a few of its main competitors, head over to our detailed looked in our Fuji GFX Review. And to compare against any camera we've ever tested, including the Phase One XF, please visit our Comparometer.

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