Fujifilm adds Instax Mini 9 to Instant Film camera lineup, featuring “selfie mirror” and close-up lens


posted Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 6:00 AM EDT


Fujifilm has announced the Instax Mini 9 to its lineup of instant film cameras. To start, the Mini 9 will be available in April in three colors: Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue and Lime Green. Two additional colors, Cobalt Blue and Smokey White, will then follow in June.

Like the other cameras in the Instax line, the Mini 9 instantly prints credit-card-sized photos that are meant to be shared and passed around. What the Mini 9 brings different to this are a few new enhancements: a selfie mirror, an attachable close-up lens, and a high key mode. The "selfie mirror" is front facing and sits next to the lens, making it easier to take photos of yourself and friends. The attachable close-up lens will make shooting near-to-you objects and people easier, and that "high-key" mode lets you take better photos in brighter environments. 

The Instax Mini 9 works with all Instax Mini film packs, including the latest Instax Mini Monochrome film. The Instax Mini 9 will be available in April 2017 in the U.S. (USD $69.95) and Canada (CAD $99.99).

(Fujifilm Press Release)