Panasonic GH5 Field Test Part II: Examining the video capabilities of this mirrorless monster


posted Friday, April 7, 2017 at 2:40 PM EDT

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The GH5, as the GH4 and GH3 before it, is and always was expected to be a video camera. It's a capable photo camera, but the real reason most will seek and eventually purchase the Panasonic flagship is for its lauded video capability. To see how the GH5 handles its new role at the top of Panasonic's hierarchy of cameras, we took it out in a variety of locations, lighting conditions and stress tests to see how it fared against not only its predecessor, but also to give us an idea of its comparative performance versus other popular cameras on the market. 

In those tests, the GH5 has proven to excel in areas the GH4 struggled. The addition of on sensor stabilization (OSS) and a large increase in its low light viability has made the GH5 a more versatile camera than its predecessors, and sets it up as one of the best compact video cameras on the market today. It's not perfect, but the GH5 has the potential to please far more shooters looking for a compact and lightweight way to capture incredibly detailed high-resolution video. To read the full review, head over to the Panasonic GH5 Field Test Part II, and for more information on the camera as a whole, see our Panasonic GH5 Review

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