Adobe Stock launches new “Editorial Collection,” better search and PowerPoint support


posted Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 11:25 AM EST


Adobe has further expanded their Stock support with an editorial partnership with Reuters, USA Today and Stocksy as well as expanded search via Adobe Sensei. Additionally, Microsoft PowerPoint support was revealed. The editorial support adds 12 million editorial images from Reuters, 500,000 sports images a year from USA Today, the Sensei integration adds "Aesthetic Filters" that make will make searches easier by sorting images based on visual and semantic characteristics, and PowerPoint will soon feature a direct link to Adobe Stock much like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere currently do. 


Reuters, a partnership originally announced in November of last year but is only now being activated, adds an editorial collection of 12 million images and more than 26,000 hours of video and one million clips. 

USA Today will soon add a collection of sports images from major league sports from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. They cover more than 10,000 sporting events annually and produce 500,000 images per year, all soon to be available via Stock. 

Stocksy is adding their premium collection, which complements Adobe Stock's current premium collection with "unique royalty free stock photography that is distinctive, authentic and impactful for designers and visual storytellers." Adobe is the first and only distribution partner for this Stocksy collection. 

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Sensei Integration

The new Aesthetic Filters in Adobe Stock will use Adobe Sensei to let users quickly refine search results by applying filters like Depth of Field and Vivid Color, which will significantly improve search speed and efficiency. Aesthetic filters allow users to perform searches based on selected images instead of text queries. When an image is uploaded, Stock uses machine learning to return images with similar visual and semantic characteristics, which then can be further refined with keywords. 

Adobe Stock Add-On for PowerPoint

Adobe stock will be available for PowerPoint via an add-on. By downloading the add-on, which is free, you will be able to search, preview and license Adobe Stock images inside of PowerPoint.

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