Nikon D7500 Field Test Part II: Another round of day and night shooting, plus those missing raws!


posted Monday, July 3, 2017 at 7:55 PM EST


A week or so back, I posted my first field test for the Nikon D7500. At the time, I promised more to come soon, including a much-needed batch of raw files to supplement the JPEG-compressed images in the gallery. (I'd unfortunately somehow missed enabling raw+JPEG capture for my earlier shooting, and didn't notice until offloading all of my photos.)

Well if you've been waiting for those raw files to appear, I have good news for you. They're now online alongside of my second field test, and not only do I have raws shot in full daylight, but also a healthy selection which were shot across the sensitivity range, including some of the highest sensitivities on offer in the D7500.


Hop on over to our Nikon D7500 review now to see my second field test and get my thoughts on image quality, autofocus performance in low light, and some other interesting points which I'd not already covered in the first field test. (Not seen that yet? You'll want to make your start there instead, then.) And be sure to look at the gallery too, as there were far too many photos to fit into the field tests, so many of them can't be seen anywhere else.

And watch this space for my third and final field test, coming soon!



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