Nikon W300 Field Test: An easy-to-use camera that’s tough enough to withstand your adventures


posted Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 3:30 PM EST

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For those needing a bit more durability and versatility than what their smartphone camera can provide, the new Nikon W300 rugged waterproof camera may just fit the bill. Offering a 24-120mm-equivalent zoom lens, easy-to-use point-and-shoot operation and built-in wireless connectivity, the W300 goes where your smartphone (or larger, more expensive camera) can't. And with a durable, dunkable and droppable design, the compact W300 is built to withstand the dirt, the water, the rocks, the snow and pretty much anything in between. 

We sent this new Coolpix camera off to our adventure-bound photographer Brent Durand, who packed it along on a recent kayak-based rock climbing trip through Arizona's Clear Creek. Overall, the W300's image quality was quite pleasing, especially for this camera's affordable price point. Plus, the simple operation and durable build helped it surivive Brent's adventure without getting in the way.

4.3mm (24mm eq.), f/2.8, 1/800s, ISO 125

Check out his just-published Nikon W300 Field Test for all the details, as well as a bunch of real-world images and videos!

Nikon W300 Field Test