Wild Wild West: Real-world gallery images from the super-versatile new Nikon D850


posted Friday, September 15, 2017 at 7:58 AM EDT

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This past week, myself, along with a group of other photo press members, were invited by Nikon to come out to Bend, Oregon for a whirlwind testing session with the new Nikon D850. While out here in Oregon, I had the opportunity to put the D850 through its paces with a variety of subject matter, including landscapes and portraiture -- key areas of expertise for the D810 predecessor -- as well as fast-paced and challenging subjects like motocross and whitewater kayaking. I also threw in a bit of astrophotography, too, for good measure (note: there are a couple astro shots in the gallery...but more is on the way). As you might be aware, we recently published our D850 First Shots set of lab sample images, but of course, we also want to see how the camera looks and performs in the real world!

16-35mm f/4G + B+W 10-stop ND filter: 16mm, f/7.1, 30s, ISO 64.
Note: This image has been edited slightly. You can view the untouched original in the Gallery.

From an initial personal assessment, the Nikon D850 looks and feels excellent, and its performance is certainly nimble. Not only does it have a super high-res 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor, but it also has fast autofocus and enough processing horsepower to speed things up and make it absolutely capable as a sports and action camera. The name of the game for the Nikon D850 is certainly versatility.

Ready to see how it looks? Jump over to our Nikon D850 Gallery Page for a big selection of images, both JPEGs and raws. And be sure to stick around as we continue our Nikon D850 review -- there's lots more to come!

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