Panasonic ZS70 Field Test Part II: Our real-world test continues with low light, focus stacking and videos


posted Monday, October 23, 2017 at 3:17 PM EST


Recently, I kicked off my real-world testing of the Panasonic ZS70 with a daytime shoot in and around the nearby Great Smoky Mountains national park. Now, I've followed up with the second part of my field test.

For this second test, I've taken the pocket-friendly long-zoom shooter out after sunset for a low-light shoot, and also tried out some of its more unusual features, such as focus peaking and slow-motion video. Not to mention a look at its 4K and high-def video capture capabilities.


If you're feeling a touch of deja vu, fear not. The field test actually went live last week; I'm just now realizing I forgot to come back with a news item announcing it all. (It's been linked from our home page in the meantime, though, so you may already have seen it there.)


So how did the Panasonic ZS70 manage in its second real-world test, and should you be considering picking one up yourself? To find out, you'll want to hop on over to my second field test of the Panasonic ZS70, available now for your reading pleasure! And if you didn't already do so, be sure to check out my first field test, as well. And don't forget to stop by the gallery for even more real-world Panasonic ZS70 photos, unedited and straight out of the camera as always.


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