Incoming Photoshop feature will make near-perfect selections for you, instantly


posted Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 12:48 PM EDT


Making selections in Photoshop is about to get a whole lot easier. In the below YouTube video, Merideth Stotzner of the Photoshop Team demonstrates an incoming feature to Photoshop that will immediately make subject selections for you with the click of a button. It utilizes machine learning to recognize subjects and immediately select them, often either nailing the selection perfectly or providing a starting point that is easily adjusted. Presently, it takes a few minutes to make an initial selection to then fine tune, but with this "Select Subject" feature, Photoshop will perhaps make that step obsolete. 

Though it isn't perfect, as you can see in one of the examples where the tool isn't able to grab the pant leg of one of the subjects, it gets very close and is adjustable. Even if it's only rough in some cases, it's at least a massive time saver for those who make selections by hand right now. One click just saved ten to fifteen minutes. This new feature uses machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei, so in theory it should become better at its job as time goes on and it learns what is a subject, and what isn't from the vast number of Creative Cloud users. Exciting stuff!