Adobe’s career-launching Creative Residency program is accepting applicants for 2019


posted Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 1:01 PM EDT


There are a few ways to position yourself to "make it" in this industry, all of them challenging and all of them will stretch you to your limits. But one of the golden goose-esque methods that has the potential to really launch your creative career is the Adobe Creative Residency program. The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. That's right: it's a full year to work on a passion project, funded by Adobe. Not only does that allow anyone who makes it into this program to truly focus on their work without distraction, it also puts the power of Adobe's reach at your disposal. That's a huge boon for any artist, and I personally cannot recommend new talent from seeking out this fellowship. 

"The Adobe Creative Residency is a year-long program that allows new artists and recent grads to spend a year focusing on building their dream career through a personal passion project. Each Resident is supported with a full salary, health benefits, mentorship, access to Adobe software, speaking opportunities, and other project-specific support to make their vision a reality. The ideal candidate is skilled in their field, in the beginning stages of their creative career, is passionate about building their community, and has the desire to make the Creative Residency their professional focus for one year."

I personally am friends with a few of the past and present creative residents, and I know that they all highly recommend this program. It's been hugely beneficial for their own personal growth as well as their burgeoning professional careers.  

The applications period for the 2019 creative residency opened yesterday, January 7 and will close February 7. I strongly urge you to apply if you fit within their qualifications. It's a really big opportunity that anyone with a hunger to succeed as an artist cannot afford to overlook. You can learn more about the residency and how to apply by reading Adobe's blog post here. Good luck!