7 easy photography tips Mads Peter Iversen which he had learned earlier


posted Monday, April 29, 2019 at 10:45 AM EST


One of the common traits among all photographers at every skill level is that they all started as beginners. This means that there is always some type of learning curve as we hone our skills and work to improve. With learning comes mistakes, and oftentimes, these mistakes are just more opportunities to figure something our or acquire a new skill. Of course, it's nice to be able to learn about something before screwing up out in the field. In his newest video, Mads Peter Iversen shares seven easy photography tips and tricks he wish he had learned earlier.

Iversen's first two tips go hand in hand. There are no perfect settings and photography is regularly about problem solving. For a given situation, there are optimal settings and these settings won't necessarily be the same for other photographic situations. Iversen recounts as a situation in Iceland when it felt like everything was working against him, including the weather and his gear. When you realize that there are no perfect settings, it can free you up to creatively solve the problems you face in the field.

Another pair of tips which go together involve composition: "composition is not a frame" and "be careful of formulaic composition." Many composition tutorials Iversen has seen discuss the same handful of topics: the rule of thirds, golden ratio, leading lines, foreground/midground/background and never centralize subjects. Iversen believes that a more pressing concern for composition is balance, rather than following specific rules and guidelines. While many great images roughly follow the rule of thirds, you shouldn't force a particular image into a compositional framework. To see the rest of Iversen's seven tips, watch the video below.

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