Lumeo Introduces “Pro Videos,” Members Learn from World-Renowned Pros for Free

posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 5:07 PM EDT

Press Release

Lumeo's logo.The Lumeo service offers educational videos like a surf photography workshop from renowned photographer Art Brewer to eager students around the world.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lumeo, creator of the pro video format, today launched its website,, offering pro videos and one-on-one coaching from world-renowned professionals. The forward-thinking pro video format consists of broadcast-quality online courses taught by the world’s top professionals and best of all, it’s free to members.

With the launch of comes the premier of Lumeo’s first pro video course, “Art Brewer’s Surf Photography Workshop.” Through 14 short pro videos, 30 minutes of HD video, Brewer shares his tips, tricks and lessons gained from more than 40 years of experience. Lumeo levels the playing field for aspiring photographers, step-by-step, with free access to lessons from a master of the craft.

Lumeo pro videos rely not only on engaging, informative and inspiring pros working in front of the camera, but are also created by pros working behind the camera––some of TV’s top creatives, with credits on “The Voice” (NBC) “X Factor” (FOX), “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (SPIKE) and “Ghosthunters” (SCIFI).

“Access to the right kind of knowledge can open doors,” says Lumeo CEO and President, Brian McDonough. “By making the knowledge of top professionals attractive, accessible and free, we’re breaking the barriers between desire and reality; enabling Lumeo members to stand on the shoulders of giants and achieve beyond their wildest dreams.”

To register for FREE access to Lumeo pro videos and start learning from the pros, visit:

To request a pro video course you want to watch or teach, enter your request on the Lumeo Community by clicking here:

About Lumeo:
Lumeo is a community of knowledge expressed through pro videos, one-on-one coaching and education news. With the invention of pro videos, Lumeo introduces a brand new way to learn. The company is located in “Silicon Beach,” the thriving start-up community of Santa Monica, CA. For more information on becoming part of the Lumeo community, visit