Olympus E-3 Viewfinder

One of the more pleasant surprises we found in the Olympus E3 was its viewfinder. Previous Olympus DSLRs have tended to have small, tight optical viewfinders. The availability of the Live View function on recent models has somewhat compensate for this, but when you need maximum responsiveness or in very low-light , you'll need to use the optical viewfinder, and on previous Olympus Four Thirds DSLRs, it was tight and small. By contrast, the optical viewfinder on the new E3 is huge, bright, and beautiful, and it offers a true 100% field of view. (Why can't more SLRs do this?) The illustration above right shows the relative size difference between the viewfinders in the original E1 and the new E3, but really doesn't do it justice: It feels much larger when you're looking through the eyepiece. The official spec on the E-3's viewfinder magnification is 1.15x, much larger than the typical 0.9 or so found in many DSLRs.

E-3 Viewfinder

The Olympus E3 makes good use of its larger viewing area, packing lots of operating information into a clear display across the bottom. (The difference in viewing size isn't subtle: We had the experience of squinting through the E510's viewfinder and then looking into the E3's, it was like peering through a window, vs stepping into a room.)

Viewfinder Test Results

Excellent accuracy with both the optical viewfinder and LCD monitor's Live View mode, but there was a little tilt in the optical viewfinder.

12mm eq., Optical 60mm eq., Optical
12mm eq., LCD (Live View) 60mm eq., LCD (Live View)

The Olympus E-3's optical viewfinder proved very accurate, with about 99% coverage at wide angle and telephoto (with the 12-60mm SWD lens), though it was tilted off axis from the sensor somewhat. The camera's Live View LCD mode was extremely accurate, with about 100% accuracy at both wide angle and telephoto.


Olympus E-3 LCD

In Live View mode, the LCD displays the subject, along with optional overlaid information, showing AF points, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, metering mode, file format and which memory card is in use, and the number of exposure that can be stored on the card with the current settings.

In Live View mode, you can also optionally display an alignment grid over the image, as an assist for lining up subjects.


Olympus E3

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