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Basic Specifications
Full model name: Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II
Resolution: 24.30 Megapixels
Sensor size: APS-C
Kit Lens: 3.13x zoom
(24-75mm eq.)
Viewfinder: EVF / LCD
ISO: 50-25600
Shutter: 30-1/8000
Max Aperture: 2.8
Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.1 x 3.2 in.
(143 x 104 x 81 mm)
Weight: 47.7 oz (1,351 g)
includes batteries, kit lens
MSRP: $1,800
Availability: 06/2014
Manufacturer: Sony
Full specs: Sony A77 II specifications
Sony Alpha (Minolta A) APS-C
size sensor
image of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II
Front side of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II digital camera Back side of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II digital camera Top side of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II digital camera Left side of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II digital camera Right side of Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II digital camera

Sony A77 II Review -- Now Shooting

by with Eamon Hickey
Preview posted 05/01/2014

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: Posted Shooter's Report Part I
: Posted Shooter's Report Part iI

If you've been watching Sony's ever-more-impressive mirrorless camera launches with concern, wondering whether the company's commitment to its Translucent Mirror camera line was wavering, you can worry no more. The Sony A77 II makes clear that the company is still pumping development dollars into its fast-focusing DSLR camera alternative. The A77 II debuts a brand-new, record-setting autofocus system, among quite a few other changes.

Sony A77 II Review -- Hands-on photo

Design and controls. Externally, the 24-megapixel Sony Alpha ILCA-A77 II looks a lot like its predecessor. We got the chance to handle it briefly prior to launch, and quite liked its feel and handling. The body is little-changed from the earlier A77, and our sense of its handling mirrors what we wrote in our earlier review.

The A77 II is a bit bulkier than you might expect, but its grip shape, control placement, and tacky grip surface give it a very comfortable and secure feel. Construction of the weather-sealed body feels tight and solid, and the action of the buttons and dials is crisp and responsive. The most obvious difference from the earlier camera -- beyond the updated model number badge, of course -- is the absence of a dedicated autofocus assist / self-timer lamp. (More on that in a minute.)

Sony A77 II Review -- Hands-on photo

There are also a couple more slight changes to the controls worthy of note. The Mode dial now has a locking button at its center like that of the Sony A99, and the previous In-Camera Guide button on the rear panel has been changed to serve instead as a Custom button. This brings the A77 II up to 11 customizable buttons, with 51 functions available for assignation to them.

Sony A77 II Review -- Hands-on photo

Initial impressions. The Sony A77 II is not a small camera, but its shape and design is admirably functional. It's also undeniably swift. We got a feel for another of its upgrades in our hands-on time: a new, bigger buffer. There's no denying it: listening to a camera scream through 12 frames per second for a full 60 frames gives you a bit of a thrill!

Sony A77 II Review -- Hands-on photo

We also tried panning around quickly, autofocusing on various targets with the Alpha A77 Mark II. As you'd expect given the serious AF chops of the original A77, single autofocus was super fast and decisive. But we'll have to try it out on some action subjects to really test the big upgrades in the Alpha A77 II's AF system.

Sony A77 II Review -- Hands-on photo

Pricing and availability. Available from June 2014, the Sony A77 II will be priced at US$1,200 body-only, or US$1,800 with a Sony DT 16-50mm F2.8 SSM constant-aperture zoom lens. Both prices are US$200 below their equivalents for the Sony A77 when it first went on sale in October 2011.

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Sony A77 II Technical Info

Have a peak under the hood

by Mike Tomkins |

Sony A77 II tech section illustrationRecord-breaking autofocus. And my, what upgrades they are! From its previous 19-point autofocus sensor, the Sony A77 II has jumped to a record-breaking 79 autofocus points. No other dedicated AF sensor to date has offered this many autofocus points, and Sony is quick to point out that they span around 40% of the image frame, providing more coverage than in many competitors.

Of these 79 points, a total of 15 points are cross-types. Of these, only the center point works up to f/2.8. The new sensor is also more sensitive than before, able to work within a range of -2 to 18EV, where the A77's sensor stopped at -1EV. We're guessing the absence of a dedicated AF assist lamp is a mark of Sony's confidence in that figure, but if you do need to help things out, you can raise the built-in, popup strobe for a burst of assist flash.

Improvements beyond the sensor. As well as the new AF sensor, Sony has tweaked autofocus in other areas for improved performance and versatility. There's a new Eye AF function that recognizes and focuses on your subject's eyes. You can also specify a distance range within which the AF system will operate, and have five-step control over the speed with which the A77 II will react to sudden changes in focus distance.

Click to read detailed technical information!

Sony A77 II Tech Info

Sony A77 II Shooter's Report Part I

Pro-like DSLR with image quality & features to rival the competition.

by John Shafer |

Sony A77 II shooter's report photoLet me start this report by disclosing that I'm a long-time Canon SLR owner. I've been using Canon EOS SLR cameras since the mid-nineties. However, I'm also a big Sony fan. I love their out-of-the-box approach to camera design -- especially the SLT camera family, to which the new A77 Mark II DSLR belongs. I like it so much I was considering buying an A77 II, sight-unseen, to replace my Canon EOS 7D. The second-gen A77 features and specs make it look like an excellent replacement for my aging EOS 7D. The A77 II is a serious threat to non-Canon APS-C DSLR owners as well. With a crazy fast 12 frames per second burst rate, more AF points than any other DSLR (79), and improved continuous autofocus performance, it looks like an excellent choice for amateur sports shooters and professional action sports photographers on a budget. So when Imaging Resource offered me the opportunity to do an A77 II Shooter's Report, how could I say no? A free test ride before I spend my hard-earned money? Yes, please!

Read John's A77 II Shooter's Report Part I

Read Shooter's Report Part I

Sony A77 II Shooter's Report Part II

Great performance, but does it hit the mark on continuous AF?

by John Shafer |

Sony A77 II shooter's report photoIntroduction. When I first saw Sony's Alpha A77 Mark II announcement, I thought it might finally be time to invest in a Sony DSLR system. I've been a big fan of their camera design and features for a long time, but there hadn't really been a camera that was a good fit for me -- until now. The A77 II looked like it was designed just for me -- an original Canon EOS 7D owner looking for better image quality, more speed, better video quality, and unique Sony features like an electronic viewfinder and sensor-shift image stabilization.

Speed, autofocus & Action Performance. With an updated autofocus system and lots of horsepower, the Sony Alpha A77 Mark II looks like an action shooter's dream camera. That's especially true for those of us who don't have a budget for $5000+ cameras like the Canon EOS 1D X and Nikon D4s. We can't all drive Ferraris, though - the rest of us need something more along the lines of a Subaru WRX -- an affordable, working man's performance car. Like the WRX, the A77 Mark II offers more performance than most of us actually need, in a very affordable, user-friendly package. There's no doubt the A77 II is a heck of a camera, but is it enough to compete with other cameras in the same category?

Does the A77 II have what it takes to be a killer sport/action camera?

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Sony A77 II Image Quality Comparison

See how the A77 II's IQ compares to its competitors

by William Brawley |

Sony A77 II image qualityWe've prepared crops from our laboratory Still Life target comparing the Sony A77 II against the Sony A77, Canon 70D, Fujifilm X-T1, Nikon D7100 and Pentax K-3. All of these models sit at relatively similar price points and/or categories in their respective product lineups. The only exception might be the Canon 70D, which sits below Canon's current flagship APS-C DSLR, the 7D. We chose the 70D in this comparison, however, due to its newer, high-resolution sensor and updated image processor.

These comparisons were somewhat tricky to write, as the cameras vary a great deal in resolution, so bear that in mind as you're reading and drawing your own conclusions. (We generally try to match cameras in these comparisons based on price, given that most of us work to a budget, rather than setting out to buy a given number of megapixels.)

NOTE: These images are best quality JPEGs straight out of the camera, at default settings including noise reduction and using the camera's actual base ISO (not extended ISO settings). All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses.

Read our Image Quality Comparison!

Sony A77 II  Image Quality Comparison


Similar to the A77 II but smaller lighter larger sensor cheaper But ...
No cameras match your search criteria(s)


24.2 MP

Also has viewfinder

9% smaller

A77 II vs D7200


24.35 MP

Also has viewfinder

15% smaller

A77 II vs K-3


20.2 MP (17% less)

Also has viewfinder

9% larger

A77 II vs 7D Mark II


20.2 MP (17% less)

Also has viewfinder

Similar size

A77 II vs 70D


24.1 MP

Also has viewfinder

9% smaller

A77 II vs D7100

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