Nikon D3S Design

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Nikon D3S Front View. New on the front of the Nikon D3S are three holes for the monaural microphone, appearing in the upper right in this picture, floating between the self-timer lamp and the Flash sync / Remote terminal cover.



Nikon D3S Left View. There's no noticeable difference on the left side, however, behind the larger rubber port cover, there's a new 3.5mm stereo microphone jack for better audio during video recording, and the mini HMDI port has changed from a Type-A to Type-C connector.



Nikon D3S Right View. No difference with the D3 here.



Nikon D3S Top View. There's essentially no noticeable difference on top, except that there's no longer a Live view position on the Drive mode dial, whose former position you can't really see in this image. Live view is now accessed on the back.



Nikon D3S Back View. Nikon added an "info" button to the left button array, including a feature that was heretofore not found on their pro series cameras. The button calls up a rear status display that is also new to the pro line. The speaker that was to the left of the small Rear Control Panel LCD has moved to under the card door release cover below the AF Area mode switch. The small LCD has been shifted left, allowing room for the addition of a Live view button (marked Lv), just right of the microphone button.



Nikon D3S Bottom View. The bottom features only the metal tripod mount and a rubberized surface.


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