Nikon D5000 Design

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Front View. Most of the Nikon D5000 controls at the front are the same as the D60. The main difference here besides subtle reshaping of various items is the addition of the microphone. Three holes show its position just upper left from the Nikon D5000 logo. The Nikon D5000 is also 10mm taller than the D60, perhaps to accommodate the articulating LCD. Note also the lack of a "screw-drive" mechanism.



Left View. The left of the Nikon D5000 reveals some new ports compared to the D60, including an accessory port, an HDMI-out port, and in place of the Video-out port is a combined USB/Audio/Video port. The Nikon D5000's accessory port can be used for wired remote controls and also serves as a GPS-in port. Note that the Flash pop-up button also serves as a Flash exposure compensation button.



Right View. The Nikon D5000's SD card door is located on the right side. The SD card door opens with a pull to the rear, and then you press the SD card down to release it.


Top View. All of the functions and controls are the same on the Nikon D5000's top deck, except for the Info button, which has replaced the Active D-Lighting button on the D60, and the added Scene modes on the Mode dial. It's a great layout that allows for quick changes to commonly used settings.



Back View. The back has the most changes from the D60. The LCD is a larger 2.7-inch model that swings down and twists. The Nikon D5000's Lv button is new, for switching into Live view mode. The Delete button has has been moved to the top left to make room for a speaker grill. There is now a dedicated information edit ("i") button, which launches the onscreen menu system, and activates the small icons around the Status display.



Bottom View. No changes here, other than the hinge for the LCD mechanism.


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