Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Design

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Panasonic GH1 Front View
The Panasonic Lumix GH1 looks almost identical to the G1 from the front, except for the GH1, HD and AVCHD logos. Note that only the black body color is currently available in the US.



Panasonic GH1 Left View
(Shown here with the compact Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm f/4-5.8 image-stabilized kit lens.)



Panasonic GH1 Right View
No noticeable difference from the G1 here, except for the plastic movie record button surround, and the mics on the pop-up flash housing.



Panasonic GH1 Top View

The Panasonic GH1's flash housing contains the stereo microphones used when recording video. The flash can't be deployed in movie mode, so it makes sense to mount the microphones there. The only other changes are the mode dial has a "Creative Motion Picture" mode added, used for shooting videos with manual settings, and the trim around the shutter release button has been restyled.



Panasonic GH1 Back View
The only difference here from the Lumix G1 here is the Movie Record mode button at the top right.



Panasonic GH1 Bottom View
No difference here.


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