Pentax K-x Design

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Front View. From the front, the Pentax K-x is virtually identical to its predecessor, the K2000 / K-m. The only noticeable change beyond the model number is a tiny microphone hole tucked underneath the viewfinder prism.



Left View. The left side of the Pentax K-x is again almost identical to that of the K2000
with the exception of two tiny speaker holes in the side of the prism.



Right View. The right side of the Pentax K-x is basically indistinguishable from that of the K2000. (K-x shown here with kit 18-55mm lens.)



Top View. There are a few changes to the Pentax K-x's top deck compared to the K2000. The new speaker holes can again be seen on the left of the viewfinder prism. The Mode dial also has a new Movie position in between the Program and Scene positions. There's also a K-x logo screen-printed to the right of the Mode dial, and the K2000's dedicated 'Help' button has been replaced by Pentax's Green button.



Back View. Hardware-wise, the back of the K-x is almost unchanged from that of the K2000. A couple of buttons have had their functionality changed, with the Flash Up button now sharing duties as a Delete button, while the Menu and Info functions each jump one button downwards, freeing up space for a dedicated Live View button. The AF button is now an AF/AE-L button, and the screen printing moves adjacent to it. Finally, the bump in the middle of what was formerly the Delete button (now the Menu button), helping distinguish it from other buttons by touch, has been removed.



Bottom View. Finally, seen from below the K-x is completely indistinguishable from the K2000.


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