Canon XS Design

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Canon XS Front View. The front of the Canon Rebel XS is very similar to its predecessors. Only one thing is missing: the infrared remote port on the front of the grip.



Canon XS Left View (with kit lens). Nothing new here, except for the controls on the image-stabilized lens. Like the XSi, the XS has switched to a silver hot shoe and strap lug, which makes them less prone to scratches.



Canon XS Right View (with kit lens). On the right you can see the simplified grip and smaller SD card door.



Canon XS Top View. Again, very similar to past models, except that the ISO button is on the top deck, which makes it harder to find when you're looking at the back panel.



Canon XS Back View. Many buttons and icons are larger than you'll find on the XSi.



Canon XS Bottom View. The battery door is still removable so you can add a battery grip, but the mechanism is plastic rather than metal. The tripod socket is still metal, though.


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