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Panasonic S1H Review -- Development Announcement

by Jaron Schneider
Preview posted: 05/31/2019

Panasonic appears reluctant to rest on their laurels when it comes to the capabilities of their new S Series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, as they have announced the development of yet another model, the Lumix S1H. This time around, however, it's a video-centric full-frame L-mount camera, more so than the already-impressive S1 and S1R. The upcoming Panasonic Lumix S1H will be the first digital interchangeable lens system camera to offer 6Kp24 video recording, a resolution mark most were likely not expecting to come to a consumer system for some time yet.

Though details are still very limited as this was simply an announcement of the camera's development, Panasonic was able to provide some insight into what to expect from their new S1H camera.

First and foremost, the S1H is designed for videographers in mind, compared to the more photo-centric S1 and S1R models. Panasonic built the S1H with the intention of leaning more on their experience with their high-end VariCam video camera line. The goal with the new S1H is to feature virtually the same dynamic range and picture quality as those high-end cinema cameras but in a more compact DSLM-styled body. As such, Panasonic promises to feature V-Log/V-Gamut in the S1H and a wide dynamic range of 14+ stops. Panasonic is confident that the color and even the texture of human skin will be faithfully reproduced. The S1H's recorded footage will be compatible with both V-Log footage recorded by VariCam cameras or the GH5/GH5S.

As mentioned, the S1H will be capable of capturing 6Kp24 footage at a 3:2 aspect ratio, with 5.9k30p being available in the more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. It will also be able to capture 10-bit 4Kp60 cinema 4K (C4K is 4096x2160 resolution). No other details regarding capture resolution were provided.

Additionally, expect expanded video recording formats, with confirmation that 4:3 anamorphic mode will be built-in.

Finally, every S1H recording mode will allow video to be recorded non-stop (under the as yet undisclosed certified operating temperature), which means no recording limits.

Though the S1 and S1R are capable of recording excellent video, they are still-cameras first, video cameras second. The goal with the S1H is to provide a camera that is designed to meet the demands of film production, primarily. When the S1H becomes available, it will fully round out Panasonic's full-frame camera lineup. For every kind of imaging professional generally found in the market, Panasonic will now have a camera that fits his or her needs.

Keep in mind, as this is just a development announcement at this point, official pricing and availability has not yet been announced. However, Panasonic has indicated the Lumix S1H is scheduled to go on sale in the Fall of 2019.


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