Ricoh GR II Flash

Built-in Flash Test Results

Coverage and Range
Good flash range for its size, but with somewhat narrow coverage.


Coverage. Flash coverage was rather uneven with dark corners and edges, though some of the corner darkening is caused by the lens itself.

Manufacturer-Specified Flash Range

9.8 feet
f/2.8, Auto ISO (1600)

Manufacturer Specified Flash Test. The Ricoh GR II's flash guide number is 5.4 m / 17.7 ft at ISO 100, but oddly, Ricoh also rates the flash's effect range at 3.0 m or 9.8 ft using Auto ISO. In the shot above with Auto ISO selecting ISO 1600, the GR II appears to perform a bit better than Ricoh's specification, producing a slightly overexposed flash target at the rated distance.


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