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I was born and raised in rural Maine and my time spent in nature throughout my childhood continues to inform my photography today. I got my first camera, a Nikon D80, at age 15 and quickly became passionate about photography. While I've dabbled in many different kinds of photography, I ultimately settled on landscape and nature photography being my primary focus. Since graduating from McGill University in 2014 after studying philosophy and economics, I have been working with photography full-time.

I got my start at Imaging Resource with an interview opportunity in the fall of 2014 after an aurora image of mine was posted on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Shortly thereafter, I began writing field tests and have been doing so since. I've enjoyed the opportunity to use many differents kinds of cameras that I would have otherwise not had a chance to shoot with. I recently began my work as a news editor in October 2015 and look forward to bringing our readers interesting stories and great content!



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