The Camera Bag: Stay Classy with Wotancraft’s City Explorer Messenger Bag


posted Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 1:26 PM EST

Wotancraft is a name that may sound like it belongs in a Harry Potter novel but the company's camera bags are truly designed for adults. They're also aimed at photographers who don't necessarily want to look like they're carrying around a geeky camera bag.

Handmade and aged with premium leather parts, Wotancraft's City Explorer bag series wouldn't look out of place in a trendy European café or a corporate boardroom. Our favorite is the Wotancraft City Explorer Messenger bag which, duh, looks a bit like a messenger bag but built with the discerning photographer in mind.

How high-end is this camera bag? Very.

Just listen to some of the materials used here. Along with the premium distressed leather bag flap and metal buckled strap, the City Explorer Messenger's exterior is waxed canvas made with "high density weaving techniques and impregnated Paraffin wax," according to Wotencraft's web site.

Did you hear that? They actually impregnated a Paraffin to help protect your gear. Now, that's a commitment to quality!

On the inside, the bag has a padded removable insert; waterproof mesh fabric; and high-density foam lining along with a waterproof zipper to protect your gear. The City Explorer Messenger is not big -- it will only fit a DSLR body, one or two lenses and some accessories -- but it's a nice for a day of shooting or, perhaps, a night out on the town.

The Messenger comes in two color combos -- Navy Grey/Dark Brown or Smoke/Russet Brown -- and at $329 it sure ain't cheap. But don't you think you're worth it?

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