Pentax Q review posted!


posted Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 5:12 PM EDT

The Pentax Q compact system camera with optional viewfinder accessory. Click to read our full Pentax Q review!The Pentax Q is a camera that instantly polarizes opinion more than most.

Some love it for its incredibly compact design: there is truly no other interchangeable-lens camera that comes close to the size and weight of the Q, especially when one takes into account the optics. Others decry its smaller-than-average image sensor, and the limitations that brings in a number of areas. Both camps have a point: the Pentax Q certainly fulfils on the portability promise of mirrorless like no other camera, but Pentax was still bound by the laws of physics, and it had to make some significant sacrifices to achieve a mirrorless body this small.

The most important question we faced going into our review of the Pentax Q was this: are the tradeoffs worthwhile, or has Pentax taken a step too far in its quest for the smallest compact system camera on the market? Read our Pentax Q review, and find out!